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Jobs & Internships

Are you a second-year student?  It’s time to start looking for a job.  Are you a first-year student?  It’s time to start looking for an internship.  Do I know what the date is, today, the day that you’re looking at this website?  No.  Does that change anything I just said?  No.

If you’re interested in development work, let’s begin with Finding Jobs in Development.  Walk yourself through this slide show to get the general picture of the best way for an American citizen to break in to the field of development work.  You’ll want to begin capitalizing on your education and skills development as soon as possible, to gear yourself toward these jobs.

Below are just a few of the links for places employing students interested in Public Management, Policy Analysis, International Development, International Security, National Security, Climate Change, Environmental Policy, Human Resources, Finance, Urban Development, and more.  These jobs are available to students of both the MPSA and MPIA programs.

For guidance on strengthening your CVs and cover letters, be sure to look at the Market Materials and Examples.  Do not come to me until you have!

[expand title=”German Development Institute” notitle=”true” rel=”papers-highlander”]

The German Development Institute (DIE) is a leading research institution and think tank for global development and international development policy, located in Bonn, Germany. Work at the DIE bridges theory and practice to tackle issues from social development to governance, statehood and security to environmental policy and development financing, in a combination of research, consulting, and professional training. The DIE’s work is theory-based, empirically-backed, and application-oriented, with economic, foreign, and security policy relevance.

If you would like the opportunity to intern with one of the world-class research project groups at the DIE, take a look at their Research Departments (I-VI) and the projects within each department. Then prepare the following pertaining to each project of interest to you: a list of reasons why the project appeals to you, a list of reasons why you would appeal to the project manager (languages, grant-writing experience, research experience, methods training, experience in developing countries, etc.), your resume, and your cover letter (be sure to read the Market Materials page for guidance). Then you may request a meeting with me to discuss an application for an internship to the DIE.

First-Year SAs should apply if you are interested in an internship that will capitalize on your grant-writing and non-profit experience, your methods training, your policy interests, and your public finance, econ, and management courses.  These internships will enhance your resume with international research experience in fields such as program evaluation, finance, environmental policy, and will expand your contact/network base.  Plus, how can you go wrong with a paid summer in Bonn?

First-Year IAs should apply if you are looking for an internship that will allow you to conduct research in statehood, governance, foreign aid, development financing, natural resources, or more.  Any IA student can find a project of interest at the GDI.  Trust me, and take a look!

Second-Year students should apply because you need to make connections and meet great people.  If you don’t have a job yet, let’s get one, eh? [/expand]


[expand title=”European Commission – Traineeship” notitle=”true” rel=”papers-highlander”]

The European Commission is the executive body of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding treaty commitments of the EU, and running day-to-day activities. Approximately 600 trainees are selected for each 5-month period. If your application progresses to the final round of selection, you will be able to work within one of the hundreds of offices in the administrative offices of the EC, such as Anti-Fraud, Rural Development, Human Resources, Communication and Strategy, Humanitarian Aid, Statistics, Communication, Informatics, Environmental and Energy Policy, or much more.

The Traineeship program values superb diplomas, articulate motivation, study abroad and work experience, and linguistic diversity. Applicants are also selected according to a quota system of nationalities. If you are interested in applying for a traineeship, I will be happy to help. Note that application deadlines are in January and September.  The traineeships begin in March and October.  Each traineeship is paid and can be valuable to both MPSA and MPIA students. All interested student should apply. [/expand]