Gina Yannitell Reinhardt Ph.d.

My research focuses on decision-making under uncertainty, specifically as related to foreign aid & international development, race, migration, and inter-governmental relations, and trust & disasters.


I am a Full Professor at the Department of Government at the University of Essex. I study how citizens and policy makers make decisions under uncertainty, and how those decisions affect economic, social, and political development and subsequent policy outcomes. I specifically focus on disaster resilience, international development, and foreign aid, asking how development financing can be judiciously allocated to help avert, alleviate, mitigate, and manage disasters. My work has been published in media outlets such as The Conversation, the PreventionWeb and, and can be found in academic journals such as World Development, Political Analysis, Political Research Quarterly, the Journal of Risk Research, and the Review of Policy Research.

I am the Director of Evaluation, Dissemination, and Integration of the Interreg funded Connected Communities Project. I lead a team providing evaluation to 7 local authority partners in the UK and France, helping assess and share the impact of social prescribing programs on community resilience. I have also been developing the Spotlight Toolkit, an impact evaluation tool that could be applied by local governments seeking to streamline their impact evaluation practices.

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